Monestro is relaunching in the beginning of may 2021!

We’re currently working on our new P2P investment platform that will provide more investor-friendly investment opportunities.

at monestro we believe in making investments inTO loans more secure and transparent.

In 2020 we saw the market conditions take a turn towards ever lower returns. It seems that the only way for investors to expect their historic returns now is to look more into particular niches and investment managers.

In other words, towards alternative, private and “alpha” markets where there are potential bargains. At the same time, we see that even such opportunities are too high risk and do not stable enough returns.

That is why we decided to re-analyse Monestro’s offerings and focus towards an alternative investment class that still offers better returns – whilst being more stable. This is only possible by working together with higher-quality Loan Originators to give investors access to more secure and transparent investments.

Soon we will invite you to join us and start earning more stable returns with Monestro.