Make money with our affiliate programME

Refer investors and earn a bonus of €5 for each registered and verified account. Plus a 2% commission once your referral makes the first investment. The investment should be done within 90 days.

How it works?


Register yourself with Monestro and get a link to share with your referrals



Earn €5, once your referral registers and verify the account


Earn 2% on each investment they make within 90 days

The first affiliate who brings the first 100 verified accounts within 90 days gets 2.5% commission instead of 2% on each investment. Learn more about our Prices here. For more info, check our FAQ.

Why partner with Monestro?

Lucrative commissions

2% of referrals investment in the first three months (paid after 30, 60 and 90 days) + €5 bonus after they make the first investment.

Growing market

Become part of something big – alternative finance in Europe has been increasing by 63-102% per year since 2015.

Dedicated affiliate team

Improve your conversions with the help of our in-house affiliate team. We’re happy to support you with personalised landing pages plus exclusive access to our content and creatives.

Are we a good MATCH?

You have an audience interested in finance

Tell your audience about investing, and help them reach their financial goals faster.

You create finance-related content

Write or talk about investing, financial freedom, or other finance-related topics on your blog, social media, YouTube, podcast or other channels.

You want to monetiSe your content

Tap into a new source of revenue by including Monestro on your channel to earn a commission.

Ready when you are. Become an affiliate today.