The newly launched auto invest feature at Monestro is a solution to all your loan investment problems. You are able to delegate your task to the most intelligent feature available at our platform.

The newly launched Auto Invest feature at Monestro is a solution to optimize the return of your investments. You can now delegate investments to our system to identify loans matching your pre-set criterion and invest in them as soon as they are available. So now it is a straightforward and innovative idea to invest in P2P lending as it enables you to make money while you sleep.

What is Auto Invest?

Auto Invest is a tool that replaces manually selecting loans and investing in them. To do that, you need to create a portfolio with your criterion.

Following are the criterion that you need to adjust according to your preference.

  • The minimum and maximum amount of investment to be invested in one loan
  • Maximum share of your portfolio to be used for Auto Invest
  • Loan remaining terms (Short or long)
  • Annual Interest – Standard 10%
  • Reinvest
  • Loan Originators

While you create a strategy, the system will automatically select loans that match your criteria and show you below the loans that would match it. Once you create it, it will invest in them automatically with SMS verification. Once you’re off the platform, Auto Invest will keep analyzing and investing in suitable loans that could appear on Monestro up until the limit you’ve set in your strategy.

The Auto Invest portfolio is under your complete control. You can change it, pause it, or delete it at any given time.

Top 5 advantages of Auto Invest

1 – Greater investment opportunities

auto invest loans on Monestro

The primary benefit of Auto Invest is that as soon as a loan appears that suits your strategy, your money automatically gets invested. Just keep the reinvest option activated; it will ensure a compounding return on your investments. In addition, Auto Invest is smarter than an average human brain. It can exactly know when is the right time to invest and which is the best loan to pick.

2 – Saves time and effort

auto invest saves time

Another benefit this feature offers is that you don’t have to waste your time sitting in front of the screen waiting for an outstanding loan to show up; it minimizes human effort, allowing you to relax and focus on making more money. Precisely, it lets you make money in your sleep.

3 – Preference is given to storeowner’s best loans – you don’t need to have the market and investment knowledge. On the other hand, Auto Invest is equipped with all the necessary information required for smart investing.

4 – Change preference any time

reinvest consumer loans automatically

An added advantage of this feature is that you can change the criteria anytime. For example, you may have more funds in your account and want to invest with a specific Loan Originator only; you can change your settings accordingly.

You always have the opportunity to edit, view, or pause a portfolio. All filters can be changed except “Portfolio name” and “Investor account.” Please keep in mind that your portfolio will be paused after every edit. Therefore, activating it from the “Activate” button is necessary.

5 – Start with minimum investment

start with minimum investment in p2p loans

After reading all the benefits above, don’t get overwhelmed that you need a considerable investment to use this feature. Instead, you can start small; it just lets you choose the best loans at the right time based on the criteria you have selected.

You can start as low as €10 because you have the choice to start as small or as big you want.


Auto Invest is the most advanced feature used by the top P2P platforms. It invests on your behalf and too perfectly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use Monestro’s auto invest feature to multiply your profits and gain peace of mind.

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