Monestro is becoming people’s favourite P2P platform. They are sharing their experiences, reviews, and comments about Monestro on various social media platforms.

Monestro is becoming people’s favorite P2P platform. They are sharing their experiences, reviews, and comments about Monestro on various social media platforms.

Since the beginning, Monestro has “user-friendly” features, designs “investor-oriented strategies” and is constantly striving to make investment safe and transparent. Due to this reason, Monestro has become a topic of discussion for many. Here is a sneak peek of the mentions of Monestro.

1. Lars Wrobbel interviews Monestro

Lars Wrobbel interviews Johan Orsingher

A famous German P2P blogger, Lars Wrobbels, speaks with the CEO of Monestro Johan Orsingher. This interview has been uploaded on YouTube.

They talk about the key features, growth, investors and the Loan Originators on Monestro’s platform. Furthermore, they discussed for Monestro is securing the loans on their platform and compared the differences in investing with different Loan Originators.

2. Johan Orsingher was invited as a guest speaker at Finfillas

Johan Orsingher was invited as a guest speaker at Finfillas

Fintech professionals from across the world are invited to Finfellas and are asked about the progress their company is making or the key aspects they are offering. The relationship between investors, Monestro and the Loan Originators were discussed here. It is a good listen for those who are still not sure how this triangular relationship works.

3. Monestro’s review by a new investor:

Monestro’s review by a new investor

A German blogger, Thomas, shares his experience in the above-mentioned review. He tells us about his accidental investment with Monestro and how later he was so happy with his investment. For those whose mind is still afraid of investing, this is a must-read for you, it’s the answer to your entire questions. Click here

4. Listed amongst top 38 companies in Baltic region

Listed amongst top 38 companies in Baltic region

Best Startup.eu is a one of the top websites that keeps you fintech literate. It provides the latest news in the financial world across the globe. Investors actively follow this website. Monestero has been listed in the top 38 companies in the Baltic region.

5. Todo Crowdlending

Todo Crowdlending

Another crowdlending website, Todo crowdlending, wrote a review on Monestro.

It rated Monestro as a 4-star company. The reviewer was quite impressed with the process Monestro has made since the last year.

He wrote “The new Monestro is a crowdlending marketplace that probably has the foundations and resources to become a benchmark in the sector in the medium term. Beyond its initial offer of loans, its current license, its investment proposal and its above-average functionality, it stands out above all for the detail of its screening, selection and monitoring procedures for Originators and the abundant information present in its platform, which undoubtedly points to a methodology and a series of good practices that are unusual in recently (re)launched platforms. Undoubtedly an interesting platform to follow -and participate in it if we wish”.

Not only this but also, He made a video on YouTube that quickly goes through all the features of Monestro. Click here to check out.

6. Fififinance Review 


Monestro got reviewed by an international website Fififinance. It is a financial news website that keeps you updated about the financial happenings around the globe. They provide news over languages and have spread their wings across all social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. They have written about the perks of investing with Monestro.


Are you ready to save some extra money for your dreams to come true? Start investing in P2P lending.
These loans work in a harmony with the Loan Originators of the Peer to Peer platform. In order to understand where to invest your money, let us look at what a loan originator is.


Monestro’s peer to peer platform has been gaining constant popularity since last year. Its latest features, improved security system and transparency are the driving factors that are making Monestro everyone’s favorite.


“When we think about investing, we generally think about converting money into certain currencies. Whether buying gold, investing in real estate or subscribing for shares, why not earn revenue by lending your money? The new investment platform Monestro offers such an opportunity”.


Monestro is pleased to collaborate with Wiserfunding, an external report generating tool provider, to give its client access to more information they need in order to invest their money. As Monestro is always striving to strengthen its trust with its clients, this is just another step towards it.

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