Monestro - P2P Lending


Service Minimum fee (eur) Fee
Loan management fee (monthly)* 4% p.a. from loan contract amount
Contract fee* 5 eur 3% from contract amount
Change to the loan agreement (payment day change)* 5 eur
Activating new Autoinvest (starting from 4th) ** 5 eur
Early repayment fee* 0,5% from the early repayment sum
First notification of debt* Free of charge
Repeated notification of debt * 5 eur per late payment
Transfers from virtual portal account to personal bank account*** 0,40 eur
Default interest in case of delay with the fees indicated in the pricelist 0,06% per day
Company registration fee 10 eur
Investment sale order, signing fee (per signed order) 0,5 eur 0,5 eur
Investment purchase fee (% from purchase amount) 0,5 eur 0,5% from purchase amount
(17.10.2017 - 01.03.2018 the fee is 0%)

* Fee to be paid to the portal administrator by the borrower

**Fee to be paid to the portal administrator by the lender (investor)

*** Fee to be paid by each portal user upon using the service