Key financials


Total loans issued

1 810 994 EUR

Net loan portfolio


New loans issued (monthly average)

Physical presenCE in Lithuania


Broker, consultant, loan refinancer and agent. The company has been operating since March 2009 and has many years of experience. The company employs 5 persons. Country of operation is Lithuania.

Short term loans

The company has been focused on providing short-term loans, but we aim to start providing loans and loans refinancing for long-term contracts. product

Consumer loan

12 – 48 months
From 1 000 – 10 000 EUR
Interest rate 31,5 – 50%

Contact information

Company name: UAB Credit Consulting Services

Brand name:

Legal address: Vytauto pr. 32-304, Kaunas, Lithuania

Licensed: Regulated by Central Bank

Audit: Carried out by Accountant

Internal auditor: N/A presentation: Preview

Sample loan contract: Preview Balance sheet 2021: Preview Profit and loss account 2021: Preview

Credit provider license number: Regulated by Central Bank



UAB Credit Consulting Services is incorporated under the laws of Lithuania, registry code 302314255, registered office Vytauto pr. 32-304, Kaunas, represented by the management board member Mantas Vybornas.

Monestro rating – 5

Credit Consulting Services UAB was founded in 2009 in Lithuania by a Lithuanian citizen. Since then Company issues personal loans as well as refinancing products to Lithuanian residents. Company operates under the supervision of the Bank of Lithuania. Credit Consulting Services UAB is known under the brand name Company also provides consulting services for clients with difficult financial position, represent them in conversations with debt collectors and helps to find best possible solution by refinancing existing loan liabilities.

Credit Consulting Services UAB has 5 employees and the shareholder is holding the position of CEO, who controls all daily operations and takes all significant business decisions, including loan issuance.

Loan applications are accepted both online and offline, but reviewing them is always manual – identifying client and checking from the public registers. Scoring model is implemented based on the regulations from the Bank of Lithuania. The main parameters are client’s income, existing debts and residual amount that is left after all debt payments. There are also red flags for unsuccessful candidates, meeting at least one of them would cause a rejection of application.

For refinancing product can also acquire portfolio at a discount, therefore expected credit losses are relatively low for the industry.
Company offers a niche product, therefore further diversification is not considered by the management.

Portfolio amount has increased over the last 2 years and it is planned to continue increasing it according to the 2022 development plan.

All loans have monthly repayments. There are reminders for clients before the payment day to ensure timely transactions. In case of delay, Company has internal recovery and legal procedures. If the client is insolvent, the case is sold to recovery companies.

Credit Consulting Services UAB finished last 3 years (including 2020) with profit and retained earnings are EUR 202 759, hence also Equity is positive. From the beginning of 2020, Company attracted additional funds to expand volumes of operations thus there was an increase in Portfolio and Net income.

There are long-term loan liabilities, however most of them have maturity in over 3 years. Working capital is positive and covers long-term liabilities.

According to the Q3 operating report for 2021, Net turnover has been increased by 13% and Portfolio – by 8% comparing to 2020.

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