The older the person gets; medical needs also increase. Especially during the time of the pandemic, the greater need raises for the older age group, a solid money-making plan is needed.


The older the person gets, the medical needs also increase. Especially during the time of the pandemic, the greater need raises for the older age group, a solid money-making plan is needed.
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  • Challenges faced by pensioners when their actual monthly income stops
  • How to cope up with the cost of living and medical expenses
  • Why choose P2P lending
  • Benefits that P2P platform like Monestro offers for pensioners


I didn’t start the business to make a pile of money; I did it to preserve myself for my old age” – Elrey Borge Jeppesen

Retirement often is regarded as the end of earning period. With global markets being so volatile and an increase in inflation, earning money in old age is the biggest challenge for seniors. The older the person gets, the medical needs also increase. Especially during the time of the pandemic, the greater need raises for the older age group, a solid money-making plan is needed.

Besides, a sharp hike has been observed in the cost of living due to which, pension alone cannot suffice the survival. Additionally, the return from most of the retirement plans seems to be inadequate to cover up the cost of living. The decrease in investment returns can also distress the pensioners. Hence P2P lending can prove to be a viable option to cover up your medical and rental expenses and live a hassle-free retired life.

Choosing P2P Lending

In recent times, P2P lending has proved to be a trusted and feasible source of income for most pensioners. Unlike the typical retirement plans, P2P offers better return rates. Other retirement plans take fixed deposits for example; they require a lot of investments. Although they claim to be safe, their return may not be able to entertain certain lifestyles.

There are several reasons smart senior pensioners are choosing Monestro as a P2P investment.

1. Diversification

monestro pension investment

It’s true not to put all the eggs in one basket. The reason is that if one basket falls, none of the eggs is left. Similarly, it is not wise to invest all your money in one type of investment. Diversifying your investment portfolio can give you several benefits like high security, better interest rates, staying invested for a longer period, and much more.

2. Higher return not linked with the stock market

Higher return not linked with stock market

P2P lending gives attractive financial benefits and is not linked with market shocks and stocks fluctuation. Monestro offers up to 10% return. The investors of the stock market often spend their time and energy monitoring the spike and decline in the stock prices. This gives unnecessary headaches to the investor. P2P investors, however, can sleep peacefully at night even if the stocks are not performing well.

3. Monthly Payments

get monthly income with investment

If you have worked your entire life, the halt of monthly payment scares you the most when you get retired. Investing at Monestro can get you a pretty decent monthly income on your principal amount.

4. Reinvesting and Compounding

Another reason for investing in P2P platforms is that the investor can re-invest and compound their earnings. Investors receive a part of both their principal amount and the earnings. If this amount is reinvested, the investors can multiply their income. This amount can further be added to the retirement amount to enjoy a good financial position.

5. Secured and backed up investments

All lending companies on Monestro’s platform agree to a buy-back policy. This is how the investor’s amount is safeguarded. If a repayment gets delayed more than 60-days, a buy-back policy comes into action. You know what is the best part, the investor doesn’t have to request for it as it automatically gets activated if there is a 60-day default.

Moreover, Monestro doubles the security by ensuring the voluntary reserve. If a loan originator does not comply with the buy-back policy, the investor is paid through the voluntary reserve.

6. Easy and user-friendly process

Unlike banks, P2P lending does not bury you in paperwork before investing. You don’t have to stand in the queue; don’t have unnecessary obligations when investing at Monestro. It is a quick and hassle-free process. You just need to register for free at Monestro’s website and follow the easy steps of verification. Also, our support team guides you at each step of the process.


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