We are pleased to announce some upcoming features of Monestro platform that will bring more ease to investors.


We are pleased to announce some upcoming features of Monestro platform that will bring more ease to investors.
upcoming features of monestro

List of upcoming features of Monestro:

During the time of financial instability and global challenges, a piece of small, good news works as a “light of hope” that lits up the entire village. We are pleased to announce some exciting features on our platform that will bring more ease and joy to Moestro’s community. Here are the new 5 features that we want you to know about…


1. New payment service provider (PSP)

Monestro new features - stripe

As the world has moved from offline to online economy, people are inclined towards making online payments. However, in a time when cyber theft has become widespread, the security of online transactions has always worried the customers. But not anymore! Monestro is happy to take Stripe as a new payment service provider (PSP) on board. Stripe is regarded as Europe’s trusted and leading PSP.

The company enables businesses to accept online payments easily and securely. It has no set-up or monthly fees, and no hidden charges. It also offers the best conversion rates. Hundreds and thousands of start-ups and public companies rely on Stripe’s software for secured online payments.

2. Affiliate program with CircleWise

Monestro affiliate program - circlewise

We have now partnered with CircleWise to reach an audience that has remained deprived of the financial benefits offered at Monestro. CircleWise is a marketing Hub that helps companies to build and expand their market through their in-house affiliate programs. Monestro offers an attractive affiliate program that will go live on their website by the end of August.

CircleWise software allows advertisers to efficiently manage their partnerships with affiliates, influencers, media buyers, and ad networks enabling them to scale their marketing program indefinitely.

3. Auto-invest facility 

monestro p2p auto invest

Another new feature on the list is our auto-invest. Our smart investors will be able to invest in smart businesses. This AI tool will allow the investors to locate and fund loans that are the perfect match for you. Your portfolio determines the type of investments you want to do, once you have set up your portfolio, sit back and relax!  AI will do the work for you.

The investors have to set some rules for AI to work efficiently for you. These rules are based on the following criteria.

  • Annual Interest
  • Loan term
  • Loan type
  • Interest rate
  • The loan originators
  • Maximum investment limit per loan
  • Remaining principal amount

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4. Secondary market

Monestro p2p secondary market

Monestro is pleased to introduce its secondary market, which is expected to be launched by the end of 2022. Now our investors will be able to buy and sell their loans in the secondary market. Investors usually opt for a secondary market to receive a higher return by reselling or to start lending instantly.

The secondary market is the best place to increase your investment returns. It can be used to put money to work instantly. The secondary market discount Monestro offers is a cherry on the top.

We have decided to offer some attractive discounts to our investors who intend to use the secondary market, We will charge a minimum fee for selling and buying of loans into the secondary market, rest assured, Monestro will continue to give the best deals. Some other options like “rental payments” is also been taken into consideration. Above all, the investor’s protection will remain the same.

5. News section

Monestro p2p - news section

Displaying a list of our company’s latest news or upcoming events keeps you informed. Thus, a new tab is all set to be added to the company’s website. The “News” section will keep your audience updated on all the announcements. Whether it is the launch of our new offer or any internal or external changes, we will keep you covered. All of the latest or archived news will be available under a single tab.

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Monestro is pleased to collaborate with Wiserfunding, an external report generating tool provider, to give its client access to more information they need in order to invest their money. As Monestro is always striving to strengthen its trust with its clients, this is just another step towards it.


The newly launched auto invest feature at Monestro is a solution to all your loan investment problems. You are able to delegate your task to the most intelligent feature available at our platform.


New year begins with new loans! Please meet Prasiskolinau on Monestro as a new Loan Originator. They are also known as UAB credit consulting services.

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