Monestro is a P2P investment platform that provides higher-quality, more secure and lower-risk investment opportunities into high-scoring consumer loans.

Instead of promising high yield returns, at Monestro, we are focused more on providing our investors with more stable and predictable options. Thus giving you the possibilities to choose and adjust your own investment plan and have all the tools present to forecast possible outcomes.


at monestro we believe in making investments in loans more secure and transparent.

In 2020 we saw the market conditions take a turn towards ever lower returns. It seems that the only way for investors to expect their historic returns now is to look more into particular niches and investment managers. In other words, towards alternative, private and “alpha” markets where there are potential bargains. At the same time, we see that even such opportunities are too high risk and do not stable enough returns.

That is why we decided to re-analyse Monestro’s offerings and focus on an alternative investment class that still offers better returns – whilst being more stable. This is only possible by working together with high-quality Loan Originators to give investors access to secure and transparent investments.

We invite you to join us and start earning stable but higher returns, diversifying your investments with Monestro.

The story behind monestro.

Monestro was founded in 2016 in Estonia to create a more secure and lower-risk investment vehicle.

Initially, our success was hindered as the market wanted to take higher-risk and aim for even higher returns. The market started changing in late 2019, with various providers making irresponsible investments and losses. We saw a need to be better than them.

This is where we decided to adjust Monestro to the changing nature of P2P loan investment – focusing solely on working with higher-class consumer Loan Originators, taking upon more rigorous rules and Due Diligence process for the Loan Originators and becoming more transparent for our investors. Read more about our Loan Originator onboarding process here.

However, we know that investing is never risk-free. Still, we do our utmost to provide a safer and transparent environment. Read more about the risks involved with P2P investing and how we deal with them here.

At this time, Monestro works with Loan Originators that focus on the European Economic Area as well as accept investors across the European Economic Area.

Our team

Johan Orsingher

Johan Orsingher

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ensures that the team behind Monestro would provide the best possible service to its investors.

Prior to joining Monestro, Johan spent the last ten years working at various companies within Aerospace IT and finance industry.

He has an Oxford Saïd Business School Fintech diploma and is certified in Islamic Finance from CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments).

Eva Tammisto

Eva Tammisto

Chief Operative Officer (COO)

Is in charge of executing the strategies developed by the top management team while ensuring that business development, support and fully functional operating units meet the group-wide targets.

Prior to joining Monestro, Eva spent the last 15 years working at P2P, banking and consumer lending companies.

She has held roles of Board member, Centralised Functions Operations Officer and Internal quality control throughout her career.

Ilmar Reinaas

Ilmar Reinaas

Investor Relations Specialist

Makes sure that Monestro’s operations are stable and that every customer question gets an answer.

Prior to joining Monestro, Ilmar spent the last few years working as Accounts Payable Specialist and a Team Lead for a huge global electricity and automation company ABB AS, and in past was a Settlement Specialist for a bond market-oriented asset-management and arrangement company.

Henriika Hallika

Henriika Hallika

Investor Relations Specialist

Makes sure that Monestro’s operations are stable and that every customer question gets an answer.

Prior to joining Monestro, Henriika spent the last few years working at various companies within the finance industry. She has held accounting positions at Medical Pharmacy Group AS and USS United Shipping Services AB, multiple roles at CMA-CGM group’s German and Norwegian teams and Accounts Payable Specialist at Konecranes OY.

Anatolijs Saksaganskis

Anatolijs Saksaganskis

Senior Risk Officer

Is responsible for Loan Originators’ due diligence, ongoing monitoring and scoring.

Prior to joining Monestro, Anatolijs spent the last ten years working at various companies within the finance industry.

He has held positions at BIG4 companies’ Audit department, as well as the P2P industry’s Risk department.

Sergejs Kazakevics

Sergejs Kazakevics

Loan Originators Relationship Manager

Attracts new Loan Originators to join the platform.

Prior to joining Monestro, Sergejs spent the last seven years working at various companies within the finance industry.

He has held positions as a Private Banker in a Latvian private bank and the Czech Republic and Danish investment bank, as well as working at a P2P Investment company.

Our partners

As a part of fast growing P2P market we understand that it is essential to find partnerships with the best working solutions. As our primary goal is to bring you the best and most secure P2P investment service possible. We choose carefully, and build strong relations with companies focusing on digital innovation and growth. We believe that our partners – are essential part that makes the Monestro approach stand out among others, you can learn more about each one of our partnerships below:



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