Looking for flexible funding for the loans your company issues?

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Monestro helps lending companies grow.

    Why Choose Monestro?


    On the Monestro Marketplace, Loan Originators decide how many loans they place on Monestro. No more interest on excess funding and no missed opportunities.

    instant access to investors

    Monestro gives you access to a vast range of investors.

    easy to implement

    Monestro gives you access to an easy to implement API through which you can share relevant data to us and receive reports.


    Onboarding loan originators on Monestro is efficient and steamlined.

    How it works?

    1.After you contact Monestro, we will begin conducting our Due Diligence and Risk Assessment procedure. We require your cooperation to obtain and examine your legal documentation, audit and historical records.

    2.If you meet our qualifying criteria, we proceed with contract terms and agreements. By signing our contract you accept being capable of fulfilling your obligations to us and our investors.

    3.You implement our API and after having access to thousands of active investors. You can begin funding your loans through our platform on previously agreed terms. Please note that after our onboarding, we will take your loan portfolio performance and changes in the economic environment or organisation into account as we perform our quarterly risk review updates.

    Monestro helps lending companies grow.