Be a part of our growing team

Why join Monestro?

An inspiring workplace

At Monestro, you will work alongside a team of bright people with diverse talents and who love what they do. Our office is a newly refurbished, relaxed open-plan space with a great view overlooking Tallinn. We provide you with a comfortable workspace, including standing desks, to get your best work done.

Healthy environment

Working at Monestro, you will have a healthy workplace. Our kitchen is full of healthy beverages and snacks. For recreation outside of the office, sports and other activities are always on the calendar.

Exceptional compensation package

Everyone must see the benefits of their hard work, so on top of a market-rate salary, we also provide you with personal and professional development opportunities.

Reinvigorating vacation policy

Monestro believes in work-life harmony, which means you get the benefit of a flexible vacation policy. Being relaxed about taking time off lets you live a vibrant life to inspire the work you do. Monestro employees work hard and take days off when and for how long they need it, as long as they’re getting their job done.


“Monestro environment is something that encourages you to work smarter and harder, reaching your potential.”