Invite your friends. Earn a bonus.

Love Monestro? Spread the word, and earn a nice bonus on top of your usual returns. For every successful referral, we reward your friend with 5 euros and you with 1% of the amount they invest!

How it works?


Invite your friend to Monestro

Send them your link via email or social media so they can sign up

Your friend starts investing

Within 30 days your friend should register to get 5 euros credit, deposit funds and make their first investments

Earn your bonus

Get a 1% bonus of your friend's invested amount for 90 days

Keep track of your performance

Keep track of your status of performance through the Dashboard overview. This allows you to know how many e-mails you have sent to your friends, your upcoming payments, the number of referrals and how much you have actually earned from the Refer a Friend program.