Key financials

3 150

Total loans issued

796 922 EUR

Net loan portfolio


Net interest margin


Returning customer rate


Transport pledge loans

Physical presenCE in Latvia

10+ years of experience in credit provision in Latvia

More than a decade ago, in early 2009, starting with transport pledge loans, DSA INVEST SIA introduced 6-36 month consumer non-banking loans in times of massive short-term SMS credit loan growth in the Baltic region.

Strictly unique and individual semi-automated credit application scoring system

An experienced and success-driven team of professionals proficient in legal pitfalls in the short-term credit industry contribute to DSA INVEST SIA over a decade of regular membership in the Latvian non-banking credit provision market.

Subsidiary companies’ legal cooperation in Inkasso and debt recovery process automation

Direct debt management and the recovery system decrease the actual inkasso procedure to the minimum time value limits. Manually authorized individual loan applications eliminate only a part of the credit risk. The use of credit-scoring applications during the issue of short-term consumer loans in the Baltic region has decreased the default rate.

DSA Invest product line-up

Consumer loan

Credit loans for employed private applicants, entities, legally self employed households. Third party credit liabilities can be restructured in single monthly payment.

3-24 months
From 500-3 000 EUR
Interest rate 24-36%

Transport pledge loan

Registered transport loan pledges provide loan applicants with best solution to fund business and realize everyday needs without ownership register update.

3 to 36 months
From 500-4 500 EUR
Interest rate 24-36%

Contact information

Company name: SIA DSA Invest

Brand name: Sauleskredits, Autososcredit

Legal address: Zemitana iela 2B, Riga LV-1012, Latvia

Licensed: N/A

Audit: N/A

Internal auditor: N/A

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SIA DSA Invest annual report 2022: Preview

Credit provider license number: N/A



SIA DSA Invest is incorporated under the laws of Latvia, registry code 40103187465, registered office Riga, Zemitana iela 2B, LV-1012 represented by the management board member Dmitri Tsaika.

DSA Invest SIA , was established in 2009 and is 100% owned by an Estonian citizen with residency in Latvia. The Company’s loan portfolio consists of consumer loans with or without collateral. Till July 1, 2021 DSA Invest had a licence from Consumer Rights Protection Centre (PTAC), but cancelled it by their own initiative. Starting from July 1, 2021 the Company offers business loans.

During our onboarding process we have been able to verify that the Company’s shareholder holds the position of CEO and is actively invloved in daily operations, all important decisions (both about business and individual loan issuance) are taken or approved by him.

There is no Portfolio diversification policy due to natural limited targeted client amount. Implemented scoring model is according to local regulations. All defaulted loans are processed to the court and later collected via bailiff. Portfolio amount has decreased by 2% in 2020 comparing to the end of 2019 due to COVID-19 restrictions and by 6% more in Q1 2021 comparing to the end of 2020, which is related to change in operations.

“Years 2019 and 2020 were finished with minor losses (~500 EUR each), but the Equity is positive. There is a long-term loan received by the Company, but Current liabilities are on a low level, hence Working Capital is positive and exceeds received loan amount.

According to operating report for the Q1 2021, revenue stream has been decreased and it is expected to be the same in Q2 2021, however business loan portfolio will improve the situation in the second half of the year. DSA Invest is planning to increase its loan portfolio by 40% over next 3 years.

Wiserfunding Risk Assessment

Wiserfunding Risk Assessment uses available information at the date of publication from public sources or information provided to them based on our previous assessment. Some additional resources not checked by Monestro during onboarding are now used for the report.

During LOs’ onboarding and quarterly monitoring, Monestro performs also assessment of internal procedures and portfolio, which is not publicly available.

Due to these differences, Risk Assessment results (Ratings) of Wiserfunding and Monestro may differ.

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