Key financials of the Group


Years of operations

146 000 000 EUR

Volume of Instant Loans

1 200 000

Issued loans quantity

4 (UK, CZ, IS, DK)

Nationalities presented in the group

Physical presenCE in Iceland

NúNú is part of Orka Ventures, a group with 10+ years of experience in providing instant online loans in the Nordics

We provide short maturity consumer financial services to the subprime and near prime segments. We specialize on fully automated, data-driven approach to risk management and lending to serve a large market untapped by competitors.

End-to-End Loan Management System

The entirely digital lending platform – from marketing through onboarding and credit risk check to disbursement – minimizes the need of human intervention and reduces decision-to-disbursement time to less than one minute.

Strong, proprietary risk scoring process

NúNú’s scorecards are based on Logistic regression model (LogReg), Multivariate LogReg and Decision tree. The risk model was developed on massive sample of historical data. The scorecard assigns a score to each applicant and classifies them into different risk groups. Based on this, credit limits are dynamically generated for each customer, and in combination with KO Criterias, applications are approved (or rejected).

NúNú product

Single payment consumer loan, consumer loan

Single installment unsecured personal loan, consumer loan.

15, 22, 30 days and up to 3 months
From ~80-7000 EUR (12 000-1 040 000 ISK)
Interest rate 11,21 – 11,62%

Contact information

Company name: Núnú Lán ehf

Brand name: Núnú

Legal address: Kalkofnsvegi 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Licensed: 7010190240

Audit: N/A

Internal auditor: N/A

Núnú presentation: Preview

Group structure: Preview

Sample loan contract: Icelandic​, English

Núnú annual report 2022: Preview

Credit provider license number: N/A



Núnú Lán ehf. is incorporated under the laws of Iceland, registry code 7010190240, registered office Kalkofnsvegi 2, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Represented by the managing director Leifur Alexander Haraldsson.

NúNú lán ehf. was established in 2020 and offers consumer loans (PayDay Loans with a Single Payment) in Reykjavik, Iceland. NúNú provides payday loans from ISK 12 000 (EUR 80) at variable interest rate and fixed borrowing fee.

NúNú Lán ehf. is a registered lender with the Consumer Agency and under the supervision of the Financial Supervision Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland.

Main shareholder of the Group Eldar Ventures A.S. (95% ownership) are building and investing in online ventures in Europe – Krita (factoring) and Collection hub (marketplace to connect international creditors with vetted local debt collection agencies).

Main UBO is Leifur Alexander Haraldsson (Iceland), owns 68% – founder of the Group in 2009. Founder, partner and board member in several fintech companies, including loans, discount portals and insurance.

CEO of the Orka ventures is Ondřej Šmakal (Czech Republic) – more than 20 years work experience in finance and marketing field, including management positions, specializing on loans and investments.

Wiserfunding Risk Assessment

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During LOs’ onboarding and quarterly monitoring, Monestro performs also assessment of internal procedures and portfolio, which is not publicly available.

Due to these differences, Risk Assessment results (Ratings) of Wiserfunding and Monestro may differ.

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