We are honored to announce that Monestro wins CEO of the year award. On October 23, 2021, Johan Orsingher was declared as the best Chief Executive Officer for the year by CEO Monthly.
CEO of the year award

Another feather in the cap – We are honored to announce that Monestro wins CEO of the year award. On October 23, 2021, Johan Orsingher was declared as the best Chief Executive Officer for the year by CEO Monthly.

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Monestro has been recognized by CEO Monthly for its strong level of trust with its investors. The company has successfully built the trust level with its community and hence, is valued for that. Its philosophy is to ensure security with returns rather than a higher risk of losing money. Knowing the right balance between risk and return is the key; our investment policies are designed keeping in mind stability and profits.

Monestro team

According to CEO Monthly, Coming from a rich background of experience, CEO Johan Orsingher has now won the CEO of the year 2021 for all his dedicated hard work with Monestro. Not Only has he got a wealth of experience with this company, but also he has got a lengthy portfolio of success throughout his career life. Transforming every business that he touches. He is a self-motivated individual that has valuable Legal Tech, Fin-Tech and aerospace-IT experience alongside his passion for leadership management and technology. With a background in working with legal Tech companies, Johan understands the importance of legal procedures. Johan’s mindset, “Step aside and step back so you can see in 3D” shows us that he is focused on finding solutions to potential challenges. By seeing everything in 3D, we can see the whole story and understand how to approach things.”

The CEO of Monestro believes that the transparency of business is the key. Investors have all the necessary information about the Loan Originator and type of loans they are investing in. They know the previous record of the Loan Originators which enables them to invest in a better and more secured way. We fully disclose the legal and security procedures of a loan enabling us to create a kind of a company-investor relationship that is based on trust.

All the loans are backed up with a buy-back policy. If a Loan Originator defaults for 60 days, buy back policy comes into action. The LO then returns back the principal amount and the interest received. Additionally, Monestro maintains a voluntary reserve in case a loan originator fails to comply with its buy-back obligation. For details read here. This is how strongly Monestro is striving to keep the investors’ money secured to guarantee top-class security once the register and invest

In the future, Monestro aims to continue gaining the trust of both the investors and Loan Originators in order to have a profitable and secured experience. Our highly qualified and experienced team is dedicated to deliver the best outcomes. We want to be one of the most trusted P2P platforms not only in Estonia but in entire Europe and beyond.


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Monestro is pleased to collaborate with Wiserfunding, an external report generating tool provider, to give its client access to more information they need in order to invest their money. As Monestro is always striving to strengthen its trust with its clients, this is just another step towards it.


The newly launched auto invest feature at Monestro is a solution to all your loan investment problems. You are able to delegate your task to the most intelligent feature available at our platform.


New year begins with new loans! Please meet Prasiskolinau on Monestro as a new Loan Originator. They are also known as UAB credit consulting services.

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