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How can I make a deposit?

You can find the deposit details on your account under “Deposit/Withdraw”. The minimum first deposit is €10 and must be transferred from the investor’s personal bank account (in case of a company, from the company’s bank account) operating within the European Economic Area. We only accept payments in EUR, so please make sure you have selected EUR currency before you make the transfer.

Your deposit will be processed as soon as it is received. Please note that it may take up to 2 business days.

What is Monestro?

How is Monestro’s platform regulated?

Who can invest?

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Are there any fees for investors?

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How can I make a deposit?

What happens if I send currency different from the currency in my bank account?

I entered incorrect payment details. What happens with my deposit?

Can I make a deposit from an account that is not held under my name?

How can I make a withdrawal?

Can I change the bank account to which I withdraw money?

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Is it possible to secure Monestro account with two-factor authentication?

How to invest?

What is the Primary Market?

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What is Auto Invest?

Can I invest manually and automatically at the same time?

What is the minimum amount for investing with Auto Invest?

How to find out if there are matching loans to my Auto Invest criteria?

Can I edit Auto Invest portfolio?

Can Auto Invest portfolio invest on the Secondary Market?

Will Auto Invest invest in loans that I already have manually added into my portfolio?

My Auto Invest portfolio has stopped investing, why?

Who is a Loan Originator?

What is Skin in the game?

What loans are issued to the borrowers?

Can I know who the borrower is?

What happens if borrower defaults on their payments?

What is a Buyback Obligation and how does it work?

What happens if a Loan Originator cannot complete its Buyback Obligation or other commitments ?

What is a Voluntary Reserve, and how does it work?

Why our Lithuanian loans have a borrower risk rating and how to understand it?

What happens if a Loan Originator goes out of business?